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Created during Covid on an intercontinental basis with individuals in four different locations, Rival Queens tells the story of Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I. This biopic represents a new form of art that melds documentary film with the music of opera, which serves as the driving force of the story. It draws on the primary sources of the letters between these women, who never actually met in person, and historical research, culminating in narration that connects the letters with music from Donizetti’s Maria Stuarda. The story is a historic metaphor for the tragedy of judgment and choosing fear over trust, painting a powerful picture of the destruction that the naked push for power leaves in its wake.

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December 8
UK virtual premiere
in honor of Mary Stuart's birthday

£5.00 per ticket
To get tickets for digital viewing:

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"When you watch this production, you go back centuries in time; you go behind closed doors and you go inside people's minds as they think, read and write. Then the powers of the voices of Ashley Galvani Bell and Anna Tonna capture you. It's a total success."

- TJ Clemente


"Muy bien entramada y ambientada.......Un documental que entretendrá y hará disfrutar a los amantes de la ópera y de la historia por igual.

- Michael Thallium


(English translation)

"Very well written and set...a documentary that will entertain and delight lovers of opera and history alike."

- Michael Thallium

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OFFICIAL SELECTION - New York Independent Cinema Awards - 2021.png

Film directed by Antón Armendariz

Musically Directed by Sergio Martínez Zangróniz

Music from the opera Maria Stuarda by Gaetano Donizetti



Mary Queen of Scots: Ashley Bell

Elizabeth I: Anna Tonna

Narrator: Michal Gizinski

Leicester (tenor): Andrew Owens

James VI: Pablo Garcia Pascual

Leicester (actor): David del Rey

Pianist: Sergio Martinez Zangróniz



Cinematographer: Fabián Jiménez Asis

Assistant cinematographer: Dave Weinstein

Film Editing, CGI & Storyboard;: Andrés Hernández Pena (Draw&Music Studios)

Narrative Screenplay: Ashley Bell

Original Letters written by Queen Elizabeth I, Mary Stuart & James VI & edited by Ashley Bell & Gail Galvani Bell

Voice & Speech: Gail Galvani Bell

Costumes: TDF Costume Collection & Teatro Pobre (Logroño)

Wig Design & Styling: April Spain

Makeup: Zarielle Washington

Production Assistants: Karl Kessler, Ashley Quinn, Juan Armendáriz, Maria Rosa Díaz



Spain: Sonosfera

New York: PPI Recording

Chicago: SHIRK Studios

Sound Mixing: Gurari Studios

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